We believe in beautiful software. Insert some words that are motivational and brief. We pride ourselves in building scalable and effective software.
MasterDevs LLC is a company founded by three software engineers who have bonded over a single purpose - to build great software. We started working together in 2008 and finally decided to combine our enthusiasm, skills, and commitment to form MasterDevs. We have a combined 25 years of programming experience across a variety of domains, including finance, legal, military, and security. We have designed and developed software to satisfy both real-time requirements and data reporting requirements. Our software philosophies and our skillsets compliment each other so that we can develop great software, quickly. We are commited to building software that satisfies our clients as well as ourselves. Continue on to see some of the solutions we've created.

The Verge

A clone of the official application from The Verge.

TheM Links

Access and organize your bookmarks from any device.

Yamaha AV Controller

This project is a port of the iOS/Android app AV CONTROLLER by Yamaha. It works on Windows 7/8 and Windows Phone 7. It allows you to interact with your compatible Yamaha AV Network device.


Registers as your default browser and forwards web requests to an already running instance of your preferred browser.


Allows a user to set different wallpapers for each monitor in a multi-monitor setup.


Provides a simple way to manage windows when using a multi-monitor setup. It's developed in C# and can be implemented as a library or a standalone tray application.


Joe Rall

The PC and I just clicked. To me, it was fascinating to use a device that could be programmed to accomplish whatever the mind imagined. I just had to understand how it all worked. This led me to software engineering.

Today I specialize in many Microsoft platforms such as Windows Store, Windows Phone and .NET MVC. I love creating affordable solutions to challenging problems. I run towards Big Data and High Performance assignments. I’m incredibly excited by the recent trend in mobile and NFC technologies as well as the explosion in homemade robotics (thank you Netduino/Rasberry Pi).

First PC: Sony Vaio PCV-70

CPU: 166 MHz


HD: 2.1 GB

Modem: 28.8 Kbps

Josh Quintus

I signed up for a BASIC class in junior high. That got me hooked and pretty soon I started experimenting with harder drugs. My college years are a blur of benders hopped up on Perl and Java and that one semester where I sunk so low that I was mainlining Smalltalk. Now I'm a complete C# junky living it one day at a time.

Hello, my name is Josh.

Days at a computer: 42

Windows: 8

.Net: 4.5

Kevin Prudente

I'm a software engineer who loves a good challenge. I've developed software in Prolog, Java, .NET, JavaScript, etc. and continually increase my language knowledge in order to be able to develop solutions that are efficient, effective, and scalable.

I'm currently focused on developing web applications utilizing the .NET platform, including Windows Azure, SQL Server, ASP.NET to name a few.

I used to play little league baseball and I was horrible.

CSS: 3

Provider: AT&T

CPM: 365